About us



In 2016 we began experimenting with desiging and producing one-of-a-kind gun grips and knife scales from unique and exotic materials. In the fall of 2018 we launched Dakota Bandit Designs - a partnership of two brothers - one in Wahpeton, North Dakota and the other in Memphis, Tennessee. 

What We Do

Currently we produce 1911, Sig Sauer P238, Sig Sauer P938, Beretta 92, and AR-15 grips.  We are continually adding to our line of products.

AR Elite

After several years of making 1911 grips, we turned our attention to the AR-15 line. We wanted a way to put replaceable grips on an AR platform, with the added ability of being able to put mammoth tooth and tusk on it as well. After some research, we found that there was no current product available to achieve our goal. Three weeks later, we introduced the AR Elite line.